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what is the gold guarantee?

The gold guarantee is our promise to you, the customer, that we will pay the top price for gold every time you visit one of our stores. We want you to feel secure in knowing you will never get a better offer with any other company or individual.

at maX it PAWN, we value our customers...

We are a Midwestern chain of pawn stores, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our goal is to provide our customers the best value in new and used goods in our traditional and online outlets. We loan the most on gold than anyone in our market!

need a quick loan before pay day?

Sometimes, you just need an extra few bucks and the bank won't loan you only 200 dollars. That is where we come in. Bring us an item in good working order, such as a television, computer or piece of jewelry. We can loan you up to 60 percent of it's used retail value to tide you over. Best of all, if you decide you do not want the item back it will not affect your credit rating! Your bank can't do that!

online shopping just got more interesting!

With our eBay presence, we are able to offer you outstanding value on new and used merchandise everyday. The thrill of winning the item is just as rewarding as the deal you get. Most items carry a 7 day warranty for your piece of mind. Checkout our online store today!

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